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When your customers need to hear the music over the motor as they own the water, they need a premium set of marine tower speakers. Boat tower speakers are designed to create crystal-clear sound at high volumes that will carry across the water. Whether it’s rocking along the waves or out at the docks, these powerful speakers can handle the surf, sun, and sounds that make up any boating experience great. Make sure your boats have the powerful audio equipment they need to own the waves.
Wet Sounds Marine Media Center, the packaged two-piece marine grade multi-channel, multi-zone, source unit. This package includes two units, the MC-MD (Main Display) and MC-BB (Black Box). The MC1 is personally customizable to store your favorite sources & favorite audio pre-sets for all 4 zones. Users can set multiple volume levels for a variety of lifestyle environments, then custom label those presets for fingertip access while on the water.
Get the marine amplifiers your customers need to keep their boat rocking. Our marine amps give your system the power it needs to really push your speakers to the limit, whether they’re hosting a boat party at the docks or catching sick air on a wakeboard. Our amps are designed to stand up to anything the water throws at them while providing crystal-clear sound. Give your customers more than just a boat, give them the premium boating experience.