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Wet Wire
keep the tunes on your boat pumping with our Wet Wire family of dedicated marine wire, interconnects, power distribution blocks, amplifier kits, and signal kits. Non-marine gear, like you’d use in your car or home sound system, isn’t made to stand up to the harsh environmental conditions your boat faces. You need equipment that will withstand the blistering sun, repel corrosion-causing moisture, and hold together despite constant vibration. Our Wet Wire line makes sure that the music can outlast the party, whether you’re floating by the docks or ripping across the waves.
Stealth Ultra Series
sound Bars represent the world’s first universal high performance sound system for Side by Side’s, ATV’s and golf carts. The patent pending design is built with a full extruded aluminum housing. Both 6 and 10 STEALTH ULTRA models feature a Bluetooth enabled Audio Receiver with a High Performance speaker array and titanium dome tweeters for a rich and dynamic full range performance.
WS-420BT Equalizer
is a state of the art equalizer designed to provide amazing control and flexibility of your marine audio system. The WS-420BT is built off the award winning WS-420 platform that has set the world standard for marine audio system control.