WS-BABz BUMPER | Wet Sounds Bouy Ball



When you head out on the water, you should be worried about having fun, not about scuffing up the side of your boat. Protect your watercraft with the Wet Sounds BABz Bumper Buoy Balls! Ultimate Boat Bumper Protection against docking damage, made of a thick, durable, Hi-quality construction, BABz are tough enough to withstand boat and dock contact. With an impressive 24” inflation size, you can easily inflate your bumper ball using the same 12v air pump as other inflatables or with lung power and deflate just as easily and fold up for easy storage on your boat. These balls will affix anywhere with ease utilizing our over-sized handle, keeping your investment safe from scaring damage of another boat or dock. So, don’t wait until it’s too late, pick up some Wet Sounds BABz Bumpers and protect your investment with peace of mind from dock damage.