WWX-POL-RC-ADAP | Wet Sounds Polaris Ride Command Adaptor



So, you bought a new Polaris that is Ride Command equipped and can’t figure out how to add more audio to the factory system. Well now you don’t have to worry. The Polaris Ride Command Adaptor from Wet Sounds adapts the factory Ride Command plug from the rear of the Polaris Ride Command to a pair of female RCA connectors, allowing Ride Command to run an audio signal output from Ride Command to an input of a Wet Sounds Soundbar, AS-Series Powered Sub, and/or an aftermarket amplifier. A blue remote turn-on wire is also included to power on an aftermarket amplifier and/or Stealth AS-Series Sub when Ride Command is powered up. 

This adapter is compatible with any audio equipment that supports an audio input via RCA connectors.