REVO Series Coaxial Speakers

Serious Sound, REVO speakers providing the cleanest sound in the marine audio industry

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NEW Revo 12 Passive Sub Enclosure!

Add Some Serious Bass with the New Revo 12 Passive Radiator Subwoofer Enclosure!

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Wet Sounds AM/FM/Weather Band Tuner with RBDS

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Customer Testimonials

From our happy customers

ADP TC3-S MINI - Solid construction and top-shelf materials you’d expect from Wet Sounds. The clamps fit perfectly and the installation process was pretty simple. Ready for the water in no time!

— Marcus F @ Wet Sounds, Inc

Rev 10 W-SC - Nice design, breeze to install swivel clamps and wiring. Super loud clean clear sound. Ready for my next WS purchase!

— Roberto @ Wet Sounds, Inc

REVO CX-10 - Big Sound and Impressive highs, mids and lows, especially once you're out on the water. You won't be disappointed!!

— John T @ Wet Sounds, Inc

I heard my friends talk about your Stealth Soundbar, but had to hear it for myself. I was surprised how easy it was to install and how great it sounds. A lot of power from a compact size.

— Kelly C @ Wet Sounds, Inc

I thought Wet Sounds would sound the same as any other brand, but I was blown away at the clarity at high volumes! Definitely made a new customer out of me!

— Jim H @ Wet Sounds, Inc